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Multi-Channel Impact


Maximize & Optimize

Offer more donation channels with less effort by streamlining your online and offline fundraising efforts – don’t keep missing out on dollars.

  • Automate donation processing to maximize fundraising with less resources
  • Integrate to save time on manual data entry while increasing donor data integrity
  • Simplify donor and data processes so you can use your time focusing on the mission and connecting donors with the cause

Billhighway and RallyBound have worked to extend your reach of fundraising campaigns by combining direct mail, email, event and peer-to-peer for increased donations and diversified revenue streams.

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Millennial Benchmark - Download

Millennials are human, too:
Building Lifelong Bonds in a Digital World

The report rallies around insights from the 2015 National Benchmark Study of Greek Millennials
and includes:

Building blocks on how to:

  • Capitalize on post-graduate donations
  • Help them give their way
  • Connect them to your cause
A toolbox with tips to:

  • Leverage Social Networking
  • Re-imagine fundraising & dues
  • Create deep impact experiences

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Set Events Up For Success: A Bite-Sized Success Story

*Source: Rallybound
A fraternal organization held a luncheon in effort to raise funds for their national philanthropic partner. Utilizing the event fundraising feature of the Billhighway/Rallybound solution, they raised just shy of $127,000 at the single event. With the solution they were able to:

  • Quickly process all of the donation dollars
  • Provide donors with receipts
  • Track all donations & data within their DMS & accounting systems on the back-end

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