Does Your Nonprofit Have Questions? On Demand Webcast Offers the Answers

Question marksAs a nonprofit, have you ever asked “When it comes to payment processing and finances, are we only as good as the volunteer in charge?”

Or how about, “What’s the best technology solution for managing finances and payments that can meet our specific needs?”

Maybe you’ve even wondered “How can we get our volunteers to keep from purchasing items with money we don’t have?”

Now, nonprofits can question no more.

For the answers to these and other compelling questions, access the archived Best Practices Webcast series entitled “Solutions to Help Nonprofits Work Smarter.”  

Solving Your Pain Points

Targeted to non-profits including donor and member-based associations and groups, the webcast will show attendees how to overcome critical “pain points” nonprofits often experience when it comes to financial management. Highlights of the webcast include:

  • A new breed of intuitive, easy-to-use financial management software that offers multiple access levels and controls for different members of your organization including administrators, officers and members.
  • Highly configurable features for multiple users.
  • Strategies for nonprofit organizations to greatly reduce investments in IT support, infrastructure and software updates by moving data to the cloud.
  • Techniques to make it nearly impossible to bounce a check or spend money you don’t have.

Access the archived on demand webinar.