See You at FEA Annual Meeting, With Card in Hand!

Billhighway MasterCardThe Billhighway team looks forward to the upcoming Fraternity Executives Association 2012 Annual Meeting.

Held July 7 – 11 in Indian Wells, California, the event convenes members of the FEA, the professional association of men’s and women’s fraternity executives. The conference puts the focus on skills and techniques that benefit college fraternal organizations.

A Prepaid Card Just for You

Billhighway is excited to introduce the new Prepaid Card Program at the event, designed specifically for member-based organizations.

It’s a great opportunity to get up close and personal with a reloadable card that your organization funds – providing a quick, efficient, secure alternative to writing checks.

Greek organizations get the convenience of a debit card with the security and accountability of a check program – all while increasing flexibility to purchase necessary supplies or pay vendors.

We Heard You!
Billhighway members have been looking for this convenience for some time – and now we’ve cracked it. The Billhighway Prepaid Card is configurable to your standards, integrated with your current accounts, and transparent so you have full visibility into use.

World-class customer service from the BillhighwayCARE team and sleep-easy security from BillhighwaySAFE ensures that your Prepaid Card questions are answered and your funds are secure.

See You at FEA

Attending the FEA event?  Be sure to stop by Booth 514 and see the value you will get from the Prepaid Card Program —making it easy and more convenient for college social fraternal organizations.