Our Company


The History

Back in 1999, Billhighway founder, Vince Thomas, found it difficult to keep track of who owed what when it came to household bills. He wanted a better way to pay and manage expenses among roommates. His solution? Billhighway.

We’re firm believers that products and services shouldn’t just satisfy, but bring a sense of happiness and impact. We want the result of our work to make organizations more efficient so they can focus on improving the lives of others.

We’re here to make our clients happy and successful by creating technology solutions that save them time, money and resources.




Meet our leadership team to see the faces behind Billhighway and learn more about their leadership experience.


Billhighway is committed to social responsibility and support our team members with opportunities for positive social change.

The Playbook

Everything we do grows from our playbook. Our core values run through every department, every meeting, every product, every team member.


Meet Wilson

We believe Wilson represents many different aspects of Billhighway, who we are and what we do.