Meet the Executive Team

Billhighway FounderVINCE THOMAS
Founder & CEO
Tom_Portrait_closeup_2TOM BOMBERSKI
Executive VP of Finance & Accounting
Marc_Portrait_2015MARC HEHL
Executive VP of Growth and Operations
Bob_Portrait_closeup_2BOB ANZIVINO
Chief Technology Officer

Meet the Leadership Team

Kyle Bazzy - Director of GrowthKYLE BAZZY
Director of Growth
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MeghanD_PortraitMEGHAN DOYON
Director of Program Management
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Suzy_Portrait_2015SUZY ELFISHAWY
Development Team Leader
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DougF_PortraitDOUG FRY
Director of Product
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Director of Team Member Success
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CharlotteMuylaert_PortraitCHARLOTTE MUYLAERT 
Marketing Team Leader

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Kim_PortraitKIM NG
Client Care Team Leader
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Sam_Portrait_2SAM OLSON
Client Relations
Team Leader

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Director of Finance
& Accounting

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