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Is There a Better Way to Conduct Performance Reviews?

Author: Emily Bratcher, Associations Now

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A look at how NACE International swapped its annual performance reviews for monthly self-evaluations and check-ins. Plus, some tips for adopting a new system of your own.

Is There a Better Way to Conduct Performance Reviews?


There’s nothing that brings together a boss and an employee more than the annual performance review. Am I right? Both tend to share a mutual loathing of it. Bob Chalker, CAE, CEO of NACE International: The Worldwide Corrosion Authority, sure does.

“I remember as an employee when I had my [annual performance review], before I was in a management role, I was frustrated by it,” Chalker said. “It was meaningless to me. It didn’t provide any value, but then when I became a manager, it was even more frustrating because it took a tremendous amount of time and work.”

After decades of working at companies and associations that used the traditional annual system of reviewing employees, Chalker had finally had enough—and tasked his chief talent officer with finding a better way. She stumbled across Roger Ferguson’s Finally! Performance Assessment That Works: Big 5 Performance Management at a local Society for Human Resource conference, and NACE International ended up adopting the system.


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