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Cut Online Member Communities Some Slack

Author: Tim Ebner, Associations Now

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When an online Slack community popped up in its space, the Digital Analytics Association didn’t complain or ignore it. DAA found ways to work in partnership with the community, expanding membership and increasing member engagement.

Cut Online Member Communities Some Slack


One of the bread-and-butter benefits of association membership is the online member community, a digital space where ideas are exchanged, lessons are learned, tips are shared, and feedback is provided—usually without judgment.

Catherine Hackney, community manager for the Digital Analytics Association, says DAA was stumped as levels of online community discussion posts leveled and slowly decreased. It was only after some one-on-one calls with members and volunteers that Hackney and her colleagues realized that members were happily connecting somewhere else.

Some of the most engaging conversations, Hackney says, were (and still are) taking place on Slack through a channel called #measure. Lee Isensee, a longtime DAA member who founded and administers the Slack community, didn’t start it with the association in mind.


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