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What If Your Chapters Could Easily...

How it Works

Step 1: Simplify

Having chapters can add complexity to running an association at its highest potential, especially when it comes to sharing data, managing funds and reporting. Empowering chapter leaders with tools to do more boils down to simplifying the process – and Billhighway makes this possible by replacing inefficiency with streamlining and optimization.

How it Works

Step 2: Integrate

It goes without saying, you get better visibility when all of your systems are talking to each other. We connect National and chapters by providing automated, unified, real-time data sharing. This includes complete member and financial data throughout all of your existing systems! Harness your analytics for better decision-making and member outreach.

How it Works

Step 3: Automate

We understand that maintaining a focus on impactful work plays a key part in attracting amazing staff and volunteers- not the drudgery of finances and data management. That’s where we come in. With Billhighway, the administrative, accounting and reporting processes are automated so you and your chapter volunteers or leaders can spend more time on what really matters: serving your members.

How it Works

Step 4: Unify

Imagine the impact you could have if your entire organization, from National to chapters, operated at peak performance. Imagine if you could reconcile data and finances across your entire organization on a daily basis. Imagine you are all in-step together with perfect precision at every turn. That is Billhighway. We unify everything with National, from systems and data to members and chapters.

How You Can Do More,

Impact More and Grow More


Increased Revenue

It’s not rocket science: The easier you make it to receive funds, the more funds you’ll receive (and faster!). When you integrate and automate accounting, banking and payment processing into one system, you’ll have a steady cash flow.

Transparency and Visibility

When multiple chapters are in the picture, keeping everyone on the same page is a job in and of itself. With Billhighway, your association has chapter-level visibility to view overall chapter health across the organization, or to dive into individual performance, data and reporting.

Real-Time Data

One of the best parts about Billhighway is bringing chapter networks into the 21st century by eliminating paper forms and manual spreadsheets. You can receive real-time member records and data, as well as easily access chapter metrics to understand performance and impact.

Member Engagement

We know that when all is said and done, increasing membership retention, acquisition and engagement is your top priority. With less administrative and financial tasks, you can focus on member experience and your association’s goals.

Volunteer Relief

Your volunteers are an essential part of the organization. Keep them coming back by providing tools to properly manage payments and member data collected at the local level for dues, events, awards, certifications and more. This will also help chapters save time and increase ROI and productivity.

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Many associations know through experience that most solutions that implement at a National level fail to roll out a solution to their chapters. Billhighway will develop a plan that sets your entire association up for success. Chapters will receive expert guidance and support throughout the adoption process ensuring they are bought into the solution while going through the onboarding process.

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What would happen if your member data was compromised? How would that impact your reputation, and would members trust you again? You can’t afford to lose money through identity theft and other fraudulent activities. Billhighway is PCI Level 1 Compliant and keeps your data and dollars secure so you don’t have to lose sleep over potential non-compliance anywhere within your organization.

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Our multiple-award-winning U.S.-based client support teams provides fast, multi-tiered support for you, including a Client Relations team that works with National staff support and a Client Care team that supports your organization’s officers, leaders and members. We also provide 24/7 access to online resources and tools to support chapter officers and members.

We've Got Your Back


Once implemented, our specialists provide training to your local administrators and National staff to ensure they are comfortable with the platform and can easily navigate the system. From the first conversation through implementation and beyond, we’re focused on providing you the assistance you need, when you need it.

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