Can you afford to lose potential revenue through identity theft and other fraudulent activities? What could happen to the reputation of your organization if you experience a data breach, and credit card numbers or bank account information is leaked? The average consolidated total cost of a data breach for 18,000 members comes to $2,844,000 – or $158 a member – and the cost to your reputation could possibly be even worse. Billhighway keeps your data and dollars secure so you don’t have to lose sleep over potential non-compliance anywhere within your organization.

Safety & Security

We mitigate risk by monitoring our systems and processes 24/7 with industry-leading products and services. Billhighway is PCI Level 1 compliant and adheres to all payment card industry standards and best practices to guarantee the utmost security.

Defense In Depth

Defend your organization against the torment of financial fraud with our digital defense. Billhighway delivers multiple secure layers of hardware, software and processes to ensure safety and security of valuable information. Our industry-leading firewall technology and software transmits and stores all critical customer data using high-grade encryption, a vital component of online security in the digital age.

Financial Fraud

Most organizations have no idea that it’s even happening, but financial fraud occurs every single day. We monitor financial activity with industry-leading transaction monitoring and auditing. In addition, our application leverages threshold triggers and ticket monitoring strategies to decrease the risk of internal and external fraud. Can you afford to let your organization contribute to the billions of dollars lost due to fraud annually? We didn’t think so.

Protect Yourself

Not only does automation help cut down on hours of necessary administrative work, but it also diminishes the probability of fraud.

Tasks that include sensitive information are ripe for potential financial errors. Some of these tasks include manual check and credit card processing, importing and exporting financial information from different systems, and reconciliation between your general ledger and funds processed to the bank. By automating these processes, you are doing a great service to your organization and its members by reducing the overall risk of financial misstatements and fraud.

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