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The world of component relations and chapter management is at a turning point. The use of technology to automate processes and increase efficiencies has become a necessity in this era. National and International associations are implementing technology software solutions, but what about your chapters? The challenge often lies in the rollout, adoption and buy-in from your local chapters. The Billhighway adoption process is unique in that we work with clients to develop an adoption plan that sets your chapters up for success. Our proven best practices and Best of Breed approach to technology drives success. Chapters and components are an opportunity to be leveraged, and chapter adoption is our specialty!

Welcome Packet

If you’re half as excited about chapters leveraging technology as we are, prepare yourself… During the onboarding process, we provide you with a comprehensive document that is intended to guide your chapters through the necessary steps to a successful launch. You’ll also be able to preview the onboarding process and timelines.

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Onboarding Step 1: Configuration

We work with your chapters to gather the relevant information necessary to establish our relationship with both the chapter and association, as well as set up the Billhighway platform. During this conversation, we discuss membership types, how they are configured in Billhighway and how they are displayed on sign-up forms. We collect banking information relevant to online payment processing and external bank accounts for the transferring of collected funds.

Onboarding Step 2: Change Management

In order to ensure a smooth and successful transition onto the Billhighway platform, consideration needs to be given to who the stakeholders are, what they should be prepared for and what guidance should be given. During this evaluation, we plan for the level of communications, documentation processes and transition period. Prior to launch, the identified stakeholders receive administrative access to the Billhighway system and complete training. Billhighway can provide guidance and assistance during the evaluation and execution.

Onboarding Step 3: Data Conversion

At the time of launch, membership data needs to be in sync between the association’s membership system and chapter records to ensure the data load onto Billhighway reflects a common dataset with both the chapters and association. We will ask that your association perform a final evaluation of the data, in addition to converting the association’s membership types to your chapter as necessary. After your final acceptance of the data, it is uploaded into the Billhighway platform.

Onboarding Step 4: Cutover

Immediately prior to launch, several activities occur: Training is executed to ensure your administrative users are familiar with the system, able to log in and are ready for launch; the membership data loaded into Billhighway during data conversion is reviewed and confirmed; any final communications to your stakeholders are executed; and all other process or system changes are performed, including updates to your association’s website, process documentation and literature.


The operating philosophy of Billhighway’s award-winning, U.S.-based Client Support teams is based on the deep-rooted premise that no customer interaction is ever over until the problem is fully solved. From the first conversation through implementation, we are focused on the necessary support and resources for your organization to make the onboarding process successful.

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