Grow Your Organization


Focused on Fundraising?

Did you know that an overwhelming majority of Millennials–a combined 84%–have or want to give online?

Diversifying your revenue streams doesn’t mean your processes have to be more complicated. Accepting donations for your organization by mail, online or at events just got easier. Not only does the solution expand the fundraising horizon, but also automates and streamlines your back-office. Send out thank you’s and build donor report faster than ever when you integrate donor management systems with your bank and accounting.

What It Looks Like
A donor comes to your website and wants to make a contribution. They input their credit card information, the payment is processed but it doesn’t end there. The donor and payment information is recorded in both your donor management system as well as your accounting system and the funds are automatically routed to the bank account you assigned.

No manual or repetitive processes and no wasted time. Focus on growing your organization and creating impact for your cause.