Enhance, Don’t Replace

Your AMS is designed to keep your association running smoothly and efficiently, but sometimes it needs a little bit of help to make it work exactly how you want it to for your unique organization.

The Billhighway platform integrates with your current AMS or CRM to enhance and make your operations easier and stronger. See where Billhighway plugs in to make your operations easier.


3 Integration Benefits

Billhighway can be the solution to your AMS headache. Our system allows your clients the ability to streamline systems and tie up loose ends of dollars and data integration.


Real-time views into components and strategic objective alignment

Standardized Technology
Standardized technology that automates and streamlines component operations

Flexibility For Members
Allows for focus on member benefits and user experience

Who We Integrate With

Just some of the names we work with, we’re always building out our API to grow our network of integrations.

• iMIS
• Aptify
• Salesforce
• NetForum (Abila)
• Home-grown Solutions
Other Technology Integrations
• Event Management -eTouches
• RallyBound
• Fundware
• Sage
• QuickBooks
• Financial Edge

Member Engagement

Once your back-office is automated, dollars and data no longer slip through the cracks, volunteers and staff feel less burdened and have better data and tools to do their jobs. Since all systems at all levels reflect the same data. Now you can benefit from:

• Allowing your volunteers and staff to focus on member initiatives and strategic objectives.
• Real-time financial and member information by component to better focus your support and resources on members.
• Hone in on developing long-term action plans for member support, outreach, and retention.

Tools for Every Tier

Technology tools enable your organization to grow and adapt to changing trends as member demographics change. Our solution provides each tier throughout the organization the tools they need to:

• Manage dues and the accounting processes associated with them.
• Be flexible and configurable to accommodate operational uniqueness.
• Securely manage and track payment information and member data through the entire organization. Plus, we’re PCI Level 1 Compliant.

Ongoing Support

Once your system is integrated with Billhighway, it should be seamless for your members, staff and volunteers. We work to:

• Help you develop a launch strategy to ensure adoption across components. We’re not going to leave you high and dry as soon as you’re implemented. Your success matters to us.
• Equip you with the implementation materials and training to educate and facilitate adoption and use of the solution.
• Keep the ball rolling – your organization will receive a dedicated Client Relations Consultant to provide on-going support and best practices.


Are you searching for a solution to make operations easier? Learn more about how Billhighway can help integrate with your current AMS.