Intern At Billhighway

Internships at Billhighway provide a unique learning experience where you are given projects and responsibilities that prepare you for your chosen career regardless of what you want to do!

Our interns not only learn skills that will help them technically in these positions, but also learn important life skills such as responsibility, being a team player and many more.

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Our Philosophy

We believe today’s interns are the team members of tomorrow and think they bring a great energy and impact to an organization. At Billhighway, you will be able to work on real projects that create real results and impact.

Director of Team Member Success, Brenda Gallick, sums it all up in her OpEd write up that was picked up by Detroit’s Metromode magazine.

Open Positions:

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Team Member Success (HR) Internship

As a TMS Intern at Billhighway, you will work as part of a team responsible for innovating and nurturing a team-oriented culture that aligns with the company’s Playbook.Click here for the Team Member Success (HR) Intern position description

Client Relations Internship

You will be supporting the Client Relations Department, as well as Billhighway client initiatives and strategic business goals.Click here for the Client Relations Intern position description

Real Experiences, From Real Interns

We don’t think you should hear it from just us. We’ll let those who have gone through the experience first-hand provide a sneak peek into the world of Billhighway, from the projects, culture and real-world application.

Watch the video or click on their pictures to see what they have to say!