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Right-to-Work and possible loss of payroll deduction threatening your labor union operations? We’ve got a solution for you.

Billhighway has configured a cost effective, fully automated billing system for the Michigan Education Association and American Federation of Teachers. These labor unions were able to provide their organizations with a seamless alternative to payroll deduction with no negative impact on member experience.



Michigan Education Association (MEA) Success Story
With automatic payroll deduction no longer an option for dues collection, the MEA needed a better way to bill their members and collect payments on a monthly basis. Learn how Billhighway configured a system to manage over 1 million transactions per year, while giving members a better user experience and more payment options. Video

Alternative Dues Technology for Labor Unions
With legislation continuously being proposed at the state level, there seems to be a constant threat of losing payroll deductions as a means to collect dues and contributions. Alternative dues technology provides your labor union the means to collect dues and contributions in a way like never before. Watch how we can configure a solution for your unique needs… Video


Even the Worst Attacks Can Have a Silver Lining – Austrailia’s Journey of Losing Payroll
Panelist: John Dixon, General Secretary at New South Wales Teachers Federation (NSWTF)
Moderators: Kyle Bazzy, Director of Growth, Billhighway and Ron Krouse, Senior Labor Consultant

In a time of drastic change in the labor space, isn’t it time we heard a story of hope? Join us as we sit down with John Dixon, General Secretary at New South Wales Teachers Federation (NSWTF). He’ll tell his story of the challenges the organization faced when losing payroll deductions and how they overcame them.
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Can My Union Lose Payroll Deduction For Dues? Preparing For The Worst.
Panelists: Ron Krouse, Senior Labor Consultant
Gretchen Dziadosz, Executive Director, Michigan Education Association
Larry Doyle, Deputy Director, Organizing and Field Services, The American Federation of Teachers
Moderator: Kyle Bazzy, Director of Growth, Billhighway

The past few years have brought about a lot challenges for labor unions. One the biggest threats to come up has been legislation eliminating the ability to collect dues and/or political contributions via payroll deductions. We’ve collaborated with a panel of experienced labor professionals to discuss these changes.
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Your Dues, Your Future.
Key Questions to Combat the Loss of Payroll Deduction

During the time where legislation is extremely uncertain and attacks are coming from multiple angles, we must come together to ensure that our future is certain. Labor unions need to be prepared for the worst and remove the power of legislation. Answer these key questions to combat the loss of payroll deduction.


9 Questions to Ask Yourself if Payroll ‘Protection’ is Introduced in Your State
Author: Charlotte Muylaert, Billhighway
The ultimate shake up for labor unions was introduced and passed in Wisconsin and Michigan a few years back. Now it’s rearing its head in Texas and Iowa. The legislation being introduced alters the entire process that unions have leveraged for years to collect dues through payroll deductions. These payroll ‘protection’ bills being pushed through state legislatures are aiming to eliminate the ability for unions to collect their dues, political contributions or sometimes both. Learn More

Every Threat is an Opportunity
Author: Charlotte Muylaert, Billhighway
Learn how John Dixon, General Secretary of the New South Wales Teachers Federation (NSWTF), faced a loss of payroll deductions not once, but twice, by the Australian government. John shares their switch campaign and words of advice to help other unions during this crisis. Learn More

What’s Next for the Labor Movement? Tackling the Unknown.
Author: Charlotte Muylaert, Billhighway
Do you wonder what other unions are doing to combat the labor movement? We sat down with Gretchen Dziadosz, Executive Director of the Michigan Education Association, Larry Doyle, Deputy Director at the American Federation of Teachers and Ron Krouse, a labor consultant and expert. We asked them an abundance of questions regarding loss of payroll, the impact of RTW and how their organizations are coping with the changes legislation has brought. Learn More

Every Threat is an Opportunity
Author: Charlotte Muylaert, Billhighway
It is currently a time of great unknown and uncertainty for labor unions. Hear from John Dixon, General Secretary of the New South Wales Teachers Federation (NSWTF), on his experience and insight on losing payroll deductions. Learn More

Does The LM-2 Process Feel Like Nails On A Chalkboard?
Author: Brandon Teenier, Former Controller for the MEA
The LM-2 (Labor-Management) is an annual process completed by unions. This process can be frustrating at times. Take this quick assessment to get started and know where you’re at in the LM-2 process completion. Learn More

Alternative Union Dues, Right To Work And Technology – An Interview With The Former Controller Of The MEA
Interview: Brandon Teenier, Former Controller for the MEA
Brandon Teenier was with the Michigan Education Association (MEA) through a pivotal period in its history. We sat down with Brandon and asked him a few question about his experience during that process and how technology was the solution to the challenge at hand. Learn More

What’s Next For Labor Unions? With A 4-4 Tie In Friedrichs v. CTA Our Senior Advisor Speaks Up
Interview: Ron Krouse, Senior Advisor
Current speculation says that there will be a 4-4 tie and a previous ruling to uphold Abood will be sustained. To gain a better perspective on where this leaves unions, specifically at a state level, we sat down with our trusted Senior Advisor, Ron Krouse, to collect his thoughts on the chaos this court case has brought about. Learn More


Play Offense.
Mitigate Risk

Fraud happens, we know it does. But taking action can keep an organization one step ahead. Learn how organized labor can reduce their risk of financial fraud and be one step ahead.

7 Ways Billhighway Helps Organized Labor Unions Work Smarter
Does your labor union want to receive dues and data quicker? Keep member data safe? Support administrative staff? Learn how Billhighway can tackle your labor union needs and help you work smarter.

Growing the Labor Movement: Combating Industry Attacks with Technology & Power in Numbers
Labor unions have the opportunity to get our from under the looming cloud of opposing legislation while bringing a new focus to member experience. Learn how Billhighway can help.