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Challenges Facing Labor Unions

How it Works

Step 1: Mimicking Payroll

Labor unions are not immune to changing technology – get ahead by embracing Billhighway’s direct dues, or eDues. While not identical to payroll deduction, direct dues provides a very comparable experience and allows your union to fully automate the dues process.

How it Works

Step 2: Leveraging Your Existing Investments

Billhighway assures a fluid integration with your existing membership and accounting programs. This means more accurate membership insights with less reliance on administrative work.

Spend your time focusing on what really matters: protecting union members and organizing power in numbers.

How it Works

Step 3: Dividing Payments by National, State, Local & PAC

Unions are typically organized at national, state and local levels, which means accounting for multiple sets of dues. Billhighway separates these dues at both their respective organizational levels and as political contributions, then routes each set of dues to the correct bank accounts automatically.

Everyone gets their share and PAC contribution management meets state regulations.

How it Works

Step 4: Data & Reporting

Real-time visibility into your organization’s finances and membership is a crucial component of understanding your union.

Billhighway generates both member and financial reports at the state and local levels. This information provides comprehensive insight into the real people that power your union.

How Direct Dues Furthers The Labor Movement

Money Collection

In order to make your union as strong as possible, you need to be able to efficiently collect dues. With direct dues, you eliminate the ability for employers to use payroll as a bargaining chip and provide flexibility for members to pay on a schedule and frequency that works for them. Members are also able to utilize multiple payment options, including credit card, ACH/EFT, autopay, check or phone.


Technology barrels forward, and you must be willing to embrace how that affects your organization. Billhighway takes this into account and works closely with industry partners to offer accessible, on-the-go technology for easy member sign-up. Billhighway can be accessed on laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

PAC Support

It’s no secret that labor unions need political support in order to reach their goals and protect their members. When you partner with Billhighway, you can feel confident knowing your system for collecting Political Action Committee donations will be appropriately configured so each affiliate adheres to unique state and local laws.

Save Time & Resources

What if you could spend more time organizing and supporting reps in the field? With automated dues and data collection, you can. The processes of data and bank reconciliation alone can add up to 9 days’ worth of new administrative work – and much of the time, volunteers are completing this work! Free up their time and yours through automation of dues and data with Billhighway’s system of direct dues.

Data Transparency & Reporting

You know how important consistent dues revenue is to your union, but what about member data? What if you could effortlessly navigate this data in order to better understand performance and impact to the organization? More assets and more insight can only help you make better and smarter business decisions to build the strength of the labor movement.

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What would happen if your member data was compromised? How would that impact your reputation, and would members trust you again? You can’t afford to lose funds through identity theft and other fraudulent activities. Billhighway is PCI Level 1 Compliant and keeps your data and dollars secure so you don’t have to lose sleep over potential non-compliance anywhere within your organization.


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Our multiple-award-winning U.S.-based Client Care team provides fast, multi-tiered support for you, including a Client Relations team that works with National staff support and a Client Care team that supports your organization’s officers, leaders and members. We also provide 24/7 access to online resources and tools to support chapter officers and members.


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Once implemented, our specialists provide training to your local administrators and National to ensure they are comfortable with the platform and can easily navigate the system. From the first conversation through implementation and beyond, we’re focused on providing you the assistance you need, when you need it.


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Want to move out from under the threat of legislative attacks or implement a new dues management solution that makes sense? Now is the time! The labor movement can’t wait.