Mailed Payments Done Right

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The days of digital are here, but let’s face it—many donors are still contributing using traditional, mail payment methods. Processing contributions can be time consuming and leaves a lot of room for human error—but not with Billhighway’s Lockbox360.

Say Goodbye To…

  • Duplicate records and mistakes
  • Complicated, manual donation processing
  • No integration of donor data and back-office systems

It All Starts The Moment Your Campaign Drops…

A potential donor opens your envelope, they pull out their checkbook to make a donation and drop it in the mailbox where it travels to your dedicated Billhighway lockbox.

  1. Now what?
    The check or credit card slip and remittance document are scanned electronically at our secure processing center. The donation amount & donor data is recorded.
  2. Welcome to the Integration Station
    All data is auto-matched and pushed from Billhighway to your donor management system. Multiple remittances? An address change? Two checks in one envelope?
    No problem—our integration (e.g. The Raiser’s Edge plug-in) flags these exceptions and more for your review.
  3. Build Relationships
    See deposited gifts in real-time so you can thank your donors even faster.
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One Day Is All We Need

With Lockbox360, processing your organization’s incoming funds and data happens all on the same day it is received. What does this mean for you? It means more data and dollars, sooner for your organization.

Your organization can benefit from:

  • Increased cashflow
  • Clean and up-to-date data, always
  • More time to focus on donors and member relationships


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