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Billhighway Give Frequently Asked Questions

What is Give?

Give is a new mobile event and fundraising solution that provides a faster, easier, convenient and secure way to collect funds. It enables supporters and donors to safely and securely swipe your credit or debit card to make a charitable contribution via a smartphone or tablet.

How do I get started with Give?

Download from the App Store here!

What software versions does the Give app work with?

Billhighway’s Give application is compatible with iOS versions 5.1+. The app will function on an iPhone®, iPad® or iPod Touch®. We anticipate the application will be compatible for other devices (e.g. Android) later in 2013.

What are Give’s fees?

We are asking that you please contact us for pricing options. There are competitive pricing options available based on whether your organization would need only one card reader or multiple!

What credit cards can I accept?

Billhighway Give accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

Will the donor’s credit card information be stored in my device (iPhone®, iPad® or iTouch®)?

Actual credit card information is not stored on your phone. All information is transferred securely using 256-bit
encryption (SSL certified by Digicert) between your phone and Billhighway. As required by law, Billhighway is PCI-DSS
compliant. The Give application is also password protected.

I am swiping the donor’s card but the card reader doesn’t seem to be reading it, what is wrong?

The card reader only works in one direction. With the device screen facing you, double check to make sure the Billhighway logo side of the card reader is facing you as well. The front of the donor’s card must also be facing you.

How do I send a donor a receipt?

After the donor’s credit card transaction has fully processed, you will have the option of sending the donor a receipt either via email or SMS text. Simply enter the donor’s email address or mobile phone number and tap the “Confirm” button.

How will the transaction appear on the donor’s credit card statement?

All donations will be processed by Billhighway and will appear on the donor’s credit card statement accordingly.

How do I order additional card readers?

Click the profile button in the top left corner of the app homepage. Select the ‘Order Card Readers’ button. Choose the quantity of card readers you would like to order, enter the address of the location you would like the card readers shipped and your email address. Review the order to verify your information and select ‘Place Order Now’.

How else can I use Give?

For a list of great ways to use Give besides just collecting donations, see our ideas list! If you have ways you have used Give that aren’t on this list, share them with us!

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