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Congratulations on being elected into your new officer position! Your role is very important to your chapter and we want to provide you with as much information as we can to help you smoothly transition!

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Tips & Tricks

We’re not always the experts–we decided to ask chapters what makes the prepaid card work for them. Here is what they said.

  • “Two cards seems to be the optimal amount. It allows us to maintain control, but provides flexibility for when multiple people need the card. If we were a huge chapter, I could see three working as well.”
  • “We have a process in place for the prepaid card. If anyone needs to make a purchase, they need to notify me (the financial officer) within 24 hours. We have found this has made our chapter more financial responsible because they think about and plan their purchases rather than going and buying it all and asking to be reimbursed.”
  • “Coding purchases in a timely manner helps keep our budget up-to-date and everything on track–I like to do it no more than three days after a purchase.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for Billhighway training?

You should have received an email regarding an opportunity to sign up for a Drive-Thru training session. You are able to log into training online anytime you would like. If you did not receive the necessary information to log onto training, please contact [email protected].

Now that I’m an officer, do I log into my account any differently?

Not necessarily. You should go to the log in page to sign in with your username and password. Do not use the ‘Pay Bills’ or ‘Pay Now’ links to log in.

When should I create a Scheduled Fee instead an Other Fee?

A Scheduled Fee should be created at the beginning of a billing period or new semester. Scheduled Fees are used for big ticket items such as chapter dues, room & board, food, etc. You can break up Scheduled Fees into monthly installments or a one time bill. You create Scheduled Fees for particular billing types and everyone in that billing type is included in the fee. Members can only be part of one Scheduled Fee per billing period.

Other Fees are for smaller items such as t-shirts, specific events, fines, etc. They can be willing to a single member, a handful of members, or everyone within your chapter. You can bill your members as many Other Fees as you want through the billing period.

How do I update a member’s billing type?

To update a billing type, go to My Organization > Members > Member Management > Assign Billing Types. Select the billing type to assign members to, select the billing period and then move members from the left box to the right box and hit Submit. Be sure to update all billing types that you will use and members who have left the chapter or graduated to a non-billing bill type–for example, ‘No Fees.’

If I miss a statement date, can I create an additional one?

If you miss the statement date to bill your members, you are able to create an Additional Statement Date by selecting either Create Other Fee or Create Scheduled Fee from the Cash In tab. On the left hand side of the screen you will see Related Links. Select Add a Statement. Select the drop down arrow next to the box and select your new date from the calendar that appears. Select Add and click Submit to add this new date. You can only add one for the current month, and it cannot be within a week of your next regular statement date.