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Good News: It’s Dues Season, and things just got a lot easier.

This fall there is no need for Lodge Secretaries to spend countless hours stuffing envelopes with member invoices or attempting to collect checks and cash at the monthly stated meeting. Upon collecting all the funds, secretaries spend hours and duplicated efforts updating member payment records as well as financial records to reflect the payments.


How Dues Got Easier

Starting in September, Lodges have the option to automate their dues billing process using Billhighway as part of an integrated, holistic membership and financial management solution. Each Blue Lodge will have the opportunity to opt in to use this solution at the level of participation that works for them. Depending on the level Lodges opt in at, they will experience:


What will this cost my Lodge?

All tiers of the new financial management system are cost neutral or more cost efficient than the current financial processes in place.


At a minimum level, Blue Lodges will be using the financial management system to gather reporting necessary for the auditing process. The data and report generation saves both Blue Lodges and the Grand Lodge time and money.


At the second tier, in addition to all the benefits of the first tier, Blue Lodges will experience time and cost savings along with the tools to automate the member dues billing process. Lodge Secretaries will be able to easily generate an invoice that will be distributed to members via email or direct mail to their home address, depending on whether the member has an email address on file or not. Members can then make their payment in the manner that works for them, whether it be credit card, check, bank transfer (ACH) or phone and may do so either electronically or by traditional postage.

The new process eliminates the need to collect checks and cash at monthly stated meetings and member and financial records are created and reflected in all of the appropriate systems and databases.


When a Lodge fully participates in the financial management system, they receive all the benefits of the ‘Better’ option, such as financial audit preparation, automated member invoicing, membership and financial data integration and reporting. However, full participation grants Lodges the ability to manage expenses through the system so all transactions are automatically tracked, integrated with necessary systems and included in reporting.

This option is considered full integration and automation of your financial process.

All tiers are insured and protected by FDIC.

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