cost of cloud accounting software for nonprofits



Transparent & Simple

No two solutions are the same, so why should they cost the same? We believe delivering high value and strong customer service is the foundation for successful implementations and solutions.

Getting to Know You

Before we provide you with numbers, we conduct a Discovery session with your team, comprised of a complimentary process assessment, to help us better understand your internal processes to determine:

  • How your organization operates
  • How we can help you
  • If our solution is a good fit

Process Assessment Results

Based on the information gathered in the Discovery phase, we will provide the following:

Number_1_v2Flow Charts
We take the information and insight you share with us to create detailed flow charts of your current processes and what the process could look like with our solution in place.
Number_2_v2Pricing Estimate
In the flow charts, we determine how funds flow through your system and use it as a base for our pricing. Our pricing structure is a transaction-based fee, broken down into transaction types, such as Credit Card, Lockbox and ACH.
We believe we’re a partner. It is our responsibility to assist you in getting the solution off the ground, successfully. Implementation includes training for those who are primary users of the system within the organization*.

Learn More

partnership, our approach
We believe our approach from beginning to end is one of partnership, learning and collaboration. Discovery is only one piece of the puzzle, see our full approach.
*Note: Additional training is available for non-primary users for an additional cost.