Got Chapters?

Having components such as chapters, sections or affiliates in your association often adds a layer of complexity when it comes to operations and administration. Is your association currently suffering from:

Lack of Visibility
Lack of visibility into member and financial data at the chapter level to track performance, ROI and overall effectiveness

Manual Processing
Spending hours manually managing member payments, splitting them up between chapters and national, then reconciling everything

Volunteer & Staff Conflict
Volunteers or staff not having the tools or resources they need to create impact and ROI at component level

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How It Works

We understand efficient payment and data processing are critical to a healthy cash flow and association. Whether you have chapters, sections or affiliates, full visibility into your association’s membership and finances shouldn’t be complicated.


We integrate with your AMS or CRM and accounting software to merge payment and member information and drill down to a component level unlike anyone in the industry. This integration allows you to automatically

  • Split a single member payment between a chapter and your national office
  • Reconcile bank accounts across the entire association on a daily basis
  • Capture specific member payment activity and update relevant reporting for real-time data analysis

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The Solution

Eliminate the chaos and guesswork. Gain access to real-time data and information for visibility into chapter performance and overall organizational health.

With a consistent picture of membership and finances, and less strain on your chapter volunteers, you and your volunteers will be able to hone in and focus on the areas that matter most and best align with your strategic objectives.

Say goodbye to…

  • Waiting for chapters to send your portion of the revenue or tedious rebate processes
  • Disparate data and information across chapters and the entire association
  • Spending time manipulating different reporting formats and hounding chapters for items you need
  • Overwhelmed chapter volunteers and staff

The Benefits

Now you can focus on the things that matter for your association and members…



Training & Support:

Chapter Adoption is our Specialty

From the first conversation through implementation and beyond, we’re focused on providing the assistance you need, when you need it along the way. Our team uses a time-tested approach to understand your organization’s needs and determine where we can help.


Our award-winning U.S.-based Client Care team provides training to administrators to ensure they are comfortable with and can easily navigate the platform. We are known for our fast response times and multi-tiered support!


With BillhighwaySAFE™, we focus on keeping your data and dollars safe and secure so you don’t have to. We’re PCI Level 1 Compliant and adhere to all payment card industry standards and best practices for the utmost security.


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