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Browser Security & Why It Matters

We are all familiar with those annoying pop-ups that tell us it is time to update our browser. That notification is not without purpose, because as technology evolves so does security.

Short & Simple

To keep it simple, new browser versions are released when new functionality or additional security features are available. The older your browser, the less secure it is in terms of protecting you against the latest hacks and attacks. From a technical standpoint, we recommend that your browser should support TLS 1.0 and higher. Browsers supporting encryption lower than TLS 1.0 (SSL3 and older) subject you to vulnerabilities such as cryptographic weaknesses that can lead to security breaches of your data and dollars. It is a good idea to further educate yourself on the differences between TLS and SSL.

Still using Internet Explorer on Windows XP?

You may have seen our messaging while logging into Billhighway about discontinuing support for Internet Explorer on Windows XP (IE on XP) due to significant security and encryption gaps. If you use Windows XP, your personal information could be at risk and we strongly suggest upgrading your operating system (i.e. Windows 8.x or higher).

We STRONGLY DISCOURAGE continued use of Windows XP or any compatible alternative browser as they are not being actively supported by their manufacturers (Microsoft, Mozilla, etc) and contain known security vulnerabilities that cyber-criminals are actively exploiting. The best option to protect your information is to upgrade your operating system from Windows XP to a current, supported version of Windows and keep current on patches and updates.
Upgrade not possible?
If upgrading your operating system is not possible, there are a couple of short-term options to still access our site (and many others):

  1. Any modern mobile or tablet devices
  2. Firefox on XP – Versions up to 43.0.1
  3. Opera on XP – Versions up thru 36
  4. Chrome on XP – Versions less than 50

How to Protect Yourself

01. Use the latest browser version

A browser is what you use to access the internet (e.g. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer). We recommend you use the latest version of any browser, especially when using Billhighway because we leverage the latest and most secure encryption technologies. When it comes to finances, you can’t be too careful. To check or update:

  • Google Chrome: Go to the dropdown menu in the upper right-hand corner. Select ‘About Google Chrome’. Once on the page, Chrome will provide you with the version you are currently utilizing, as well as automatically check to see if a newer version is available.You can also download the latest version directly from Google.
  • Safari: Your Apple product will automatically prompt you to update. If you receive the pop-up window to update your OS and Safari, select ‘Update’ to ensure you’re running on the most current versions. The latest version can also be downloaded directly from Apple.
  • Firefox: Go to ‘Settings’ at the bottom of the homepage. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab in the pop-up box. Select the ‘Automatically update Firefox’ box. This is the recommended setting. Again, this can also be downloaded directly from Mozilla.
  • Internet Explorer: If you’re running on Windows, the Microsoft updates that are automatically prompted on your screen include all updates for Internet Explorer*. If you see the Microsoft update box come up on your screen, click ‘Update’. You can also download the latest version directly from Microsoft.
*Windows XP: If you are using Windows XP, the latest version of Internet Explorer supported by the operating system is Internet Explorer 8.

02. https://

When submitting any sensitive data such as bank account or credit card information, make sure the URL reads ‘https://’ rather than ‘http://’. It should look like the image below. If at any time it isn’t green and you are submitting sensitive data or information, do not proceed.

Ethnic businesswoman with headset on smiling at the camera

Have questions? Just ask!

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