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What is the Heartbleed?

Heartbleed is a serious defect in OpenSSL, a technology that enables secure transmission of data on the Internet.

Is Billhighway affected by the Heartbleed bug?

No. Billhighway, as a company, has put an extremely large emphasis and focus on infrastructure and system security and it is a critical component of the service Billhighway provides for our clients. We are continuing to monitor this issue to stay ahead of any potential impacts.

Is my Billhighway account at risk?

No. All of our clients’ data and information was not vulnerable at any time. Do you use your Billhighway password for any other websites that might have been affected? If so, we recommend you change your Billhighway account password as well.

What should I do if other websites I use were impacted?

Many other websites such as email providers and social media sites were impacted. We recommend that you reset your password to all websites you use to be proactive and keep your information secure.

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Frequently Asked Security Questions


“Is it safe to pay online?”

Online payments are processed through a secure connection with our payment processor, with no manual intervention. Billhighway maintains bank-level security for all of your payment information, no matter how it is submitted. Personal checks are printed with your full routing and bank account number and go through multiple touch points through the delivery process. There is no encryption of this information until it is received and processed by Billhighway. For these reasons, we encourage online payments whenever possible.


“Will Billhighway take my payment over the phone?”

Billhighway Client Care team members are not permitted to ask for or receive your payment information over the phone. Phone payments can be made by calling 1-877-333-6007, and entering your payment information through the automated service. There is no additional charge for using the automated phone payment service.


“I didn’t authorize a charge from Billhighway.”

Our Client Care team can help to identify the source and/or reason for the charge. If it is found to be an unauthorized charge on your account, the funds can be returned to you by contacting your bank or credit card company and filing a payment dispute.

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