Labor Unions


Why Now?

Billhighway has been in the business of automated dues management for over 16 years.

With our roots in Detroit, we’ve been surrounded by the challenges that the labor union industry is facing. We understand the challenges your organization is currently facing with the ever-changing and dynamic state of the labor industry. See how we’ve helped our client’s elected leadership and staff ensure they are prepared for anything.

The Challenge

In a time where news headlines often reference change in the labor movement, labor unions can’t afford to lose time, money, and members. Being bogged down by archaic or inefficient in-house built back-office systems can impact all of those.

Is your organization being affected by..?

  • A loss of payroll deductions throughout your organization
  • Opting for an alternative solution to collect dues and political contributions
  • Volunteers’ lack of time to managing dues and money (they already have full time jobs!)

MEA_Success Story

The Solution

In these turbulent times, labor unions have the opportunity to get out from under the looming cloud of opposing legislation while bringing a new focus to member experience. Dues and cash management processes should be automated, data should be integrated, and a seamless member experience shouldn’t even be a question.

What does that mean for you? No more cutting checks to locals or locals needing to send checks upstream, which means no more manual reconciliation. Your labor union will have member and payment reporting available to administrators at approved levels so there’s full visibility of your affiliates and locals.

3 Ways Billhighway Can Help Labor Unions

Why Billhighway, Now? Because the labor movement depends on it. Download more on how Billhighway helps labor unions.

Volunteers Save Time
With dues automation and data visibility, your volunteers will have more time to interact with members.

Seamless Collection
Collect funds through multiple channels and have access to dollars and data quicker. Use Account Updater to reduce failed credit card transactions due to expiration.

Flexibility For Members
Allow your members to pay on the schedule and frequency that works for them.


Features & Functionality


Automate & Integrate
Automate billing from front-end through the back-office by integrating member data and dollars to accounting, banking, and member management systems

PAC Support
The Collect donations for Political Action Committee (PAC) efforts while configuring the system so each affiliate can adhere to unique state and local laws


Member Convenience
Members have multiple dues payment options such as credit card, ACH/EFT, autopay, check or phone

Configurable Transparency
Complete real-time visibility into the local affiliates dues payments, current standing, and overall local financial health

Power of the Cloud
24/7 access. Anytime, anywhere without the need for new network infrastructure

How It Works

We understand efficient dues processing and management is critical to a healthy cash flow and organization. Gaining full visibility into your organization’s membership and finances, including state and local affiliates, shouldn’t be complicated. Have you ever asked yourself?

What happens to the dollars and member data after a payment is processed? Where do the dollars go exactly? How do we get them to the appropriate accounts? Here is how Billhighway works:

Payment Process

  1. Billhighway integrates with your member database
  2. Billhighway sends member a bill
  3. Members make a single payment for all dollars owed
  4. Billhighway receives member payment and processes funds
  5. Billhighway’s rules-based engine breaks out the designated amounts for national and local dues and contributions
  6. Those amounts are routed to proper bank accounts, settled and reconciled automatically
  7. Member and financial reports are generated

Training & Support

From the first conversation through implementation and beyond, we’re focused on providing the assistance you need, when you need it along the way. Our team uses a time-tested approach to understand your organization’s needs and determine where we can help.


Our award-winning U.S.-based Client Care team provides training to administrators to ensure they are comfortable with and can easily navigate the platform. We are known for our fast response times and multi-tiered support!


With BillhighwaySAFE™, we focus on keeping your data and dollars safe and secure so you don’t have to. We’re PCI Level 1 Compliant and adhere to all payment card industry standards and best practices for the utmost security.


Want to learn more on how Billhighway can protect and grow your labor union? Enter your email to see how we can help your organization.