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Success Story


Michigan Education Association Success Story

The Michigan Education Association (MEA) is a labor union representing over 100,000 teachers, faculty and education support staff throughout the state. The mission of the MEA is to ensure that the education of students and the working environments of members are of the highest quality.

The Michigan Education Association (MEA) partnered with Billhighway for a better way to automate their eDues process through integration with their member management system and payment channels when they lost the ability to collect via payroll deductions.

The Challenge

MEA faced three primary challenges in the areas of finance and membership billing:

  1. Elimination of payroll deduction
  2. Existing system was unreliable & inefficient
  3. Members were limited on payment types, frequency options, and a lack of visibility into their statements

The organization needed a partner that could manage over one million transactions per year, with a platform that could expand to address other needs such as PAC (Political Action Committee) processing.

The Solution

With the elimination of payroll deduction, the MEA needed a new solution to find an accurate and up-to-date financial and member reporting at every level of the organization. The organization had three important factors when deciding on a processing partner: transaction speed, accuracy, and security.

Billhighway delivered. By choosing Billhighway as a processing partner, the MEA was able to provide their association with a seamless alternative to payroll deduction with no negative impact on member experience.

education association, members, billing, invoicing

How We Helped

Not only did Billhighway solve their challenges, but we also stayed within their 60 day time constraint. Integrating with Billhighway allowed for a cost effective, fully automated billing system that maintained a steady stream of revenue in the process. The MEA is now benefiting from:

Same-Day Processing
eDues improves payment data reliability and speed
Payment Options
Offers frequency and payment solutions that work for members
Customized Statements
Available by email or online, including each member’s payment



Want to learn more on how Billhighway configured a cost effective, fully automated billing system for the Michigan Education Association? Download our MEA Case Study to see how we reduced their processing times from 216 hours (9 days) to only 1 hour per month.

education association, MEA, members, billing