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Finances and fundraising go hand-in-hand. Our integrated solutions allow mailed and online donations to process in 24 hours. Auto-matching intelligence integrates data and dollars with your donor management system.

What We Do

Billhighway is the online and offline payment gateway for our nonprofit clients to automate donor data and dollars collected through their use of multi-channel engagement strategies. Our Enterprise solution:

  • Fully integrates financial & donor management systems
  • Helps you use this data more effectively
  • Saves you time & resources

How Can We Help?

By getting all your systems talking to each other, not only will your nonprofit eliminate manual processes, but your online and offline data and dollar management will be automated. This means…

  • No more delays: Forget imports, exports and reconciliation
  • Optimize: Get the most out of your current technologies & investments
  • Consolidation: All data & dollars in one place provides a holistic view of your finances
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Keep your data clean and use it more effectively to enhance your donor experience, save time and increase revenues.

  • Reduce errors: By automating & integrating, duplicate entries & human error are reduced
  • Keep them coming back: Create repeat donors by better understanding their giving habits & history
  • Better decisions: Develop data-driven long-term strategic action plans

Features & Functionality Just For You

  • Donation pages: Drive additional revenue with our online donation form. Want a more customized look? We’ll create pages that match the look and feel of your website. Either way, we process all online gifts, integrating them to your donor management system.
  • Social Fundraising: Extend your campaign reach with peer-to-peer functionality. We’ve partnered with Rallybound to offer tools that allow fundraisers to create personal webpages and share them with the world using social media.
  • Lockbox360: Did you know the majority of donations are still sent through the mail? Our secure payment center, Lockbox360, processes mailed donations the day they’re received. Auto-matching intelligence directs funds and donor data back to you for fast follow-up.
  • Disaster Relief: Do you deploy volunteers to aid disaster-stricken areas? Equip them with our Prepaid Card to make purchases and expense management easy. Load set amounts onto the cards and distribute. Simple. Safe. Secure.
  • Power of the Cloud: 24/7 access. Anytime, anywhere.
nonprofit financial management, nonprofit process automation, donor management systems, nonprofit software, donation processing, lockbox processingAutomate & Streamline: Save time and resources when you automate tedious manual tasks. Our powerful platform streamlines back-office operations so you can focus on acquisition & retention strategies.

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Success Story

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The Integration Station

Rip and replace current systems?
Not with Billhighway.

  • Keep it simple: Integrate existing technology
  • Save: Time, money, resources & investments
  • Stop: Manual imports & exports
  • Eliminate: Systems with overlapping functionality
  • Increase: Visibility across all platforms