10 Warning Signs a Chapter Restructure May Be In Your Future


Presenter: Kyle Bazzy, Director of Growth, Billhighway

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What Is Discussed In This Webinar?

How do you know if your chapter network is in trouble? Have you heard whispers or rumors that change is needed? If you’re getting red flags or have a gut feeling but aren’t exactly sure what you should be looking for, then this webinar is for you. View Slides >>

10 Warning Signs a Chapter Restructure May Be In Your Future


Successful chapter-based associations have strong chapters. If the relationship is weak, you’re losing a lot of potential members, revenue and brand strength. We’ll walk the warning signs, problem, causes and next steps/takeaways in this webinar.


Have you considered a restructure in the past year? These are the top 10 warning signs:

  1. National leaders are not involved at their chapters: Chapter issues not being heard at National level, National leaders in a bubble
  2. No chapter representation in National governance: Again, chapter issues not being heard at National level
  3. Chapters have trouble recruiting volunteer leaders: There are vacant leadership positions, members are holding multiple positions at once and recycling leaders
  4. Aging chapter membership: Aging chapter membership and leadership -difficulty attracting younger members
  5. Poor digital membership experience: Lack of administrative infrastructure to support good online experience for members/prospects
  6. Chapters slow in submitting reports, money and data: Evert hing takes way too long -dues processing, sending member data, sending annual reports or other required reports
  7. Declining chapter membership: Declining chapter membership and higher membership growth in at-large National memberships than chapter memberships
  8. Declining non-dues revenue: Less funds to support operations, programming, etc.
  9. Fewer programs and events offered: Fewer programs/events -unable to find content providers, presenters or facilitators
  10. Low satisfaction rating among chapter members/events: Survey says chapter experience is why members don’t renew

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