Components as Drivers of Recruitment, Retention and Engagement


Moderator: Kyle Bazzy, Director of Growth, Billhighway and Presenter: Dresden Farrand MPA, MPP, CAE, Former Director of Membership & Chapters, CoSN

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What Is Discussed In This Webinar?

Understanding your chapter roles in relation to the Parent is important when communicating and reporting. Find the solution to effective communication strategies. Former CoSN Director of Membership & Chapters, Dresden Farrand, walks us through how her and her team leveraged their components to see great increases in revenue, member retention, chapter acquisition and more. View Slides >>

Components as Drivers of Recruitment, Retention and Engagement


Why are you here? Components can be challenging! Components are important, don’t know where to start. Measuring direct impact of components.


What makes a good component?

The framework: Structure + Strength + Sustainability = Strong Component

  • Member experience
  • Sustainability of the model
  • Shared revenue model
  • Willingness to build brand awareness
  • Deliver and invest in products and services


Acquiring New Chapters

  • Resources: weak chapters require a lot of work
  • Eliminate: It’s ok to dissolve a chapter
  • Effort: Process = huge effort (challenges and obstacles)


Strengthening Chapters

  • Retention: chapters = retention
  • Leverage: Components = opportunity to leverage, not a structure to manage
  • Leadership: Leadership development and technical assistance is critical
  • Board: Changes communicated by the board, not staff


Value Proposition & Engagement

  • Simplify: Local component responsibilities simplified
  • Expertise: Chapter access to expertise = increased value to members
  • Input: Chapters want acknowledgement and want to provide input

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