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Creating a Stellar Chapter Development Plan


Author: Kyle Bazzy, Director of Growth, Billhighway

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What Is Discussed In This Webinar?

In this webinar, we’ll walk through an example of a chapter development plan created by a fellow CRP. You will leave with a template to create your very own chapter development plan. View Slides >>

Creating a Stellar Chapter Development Plan


The purpose of this chapter development plan is to create a pathway to enhance, revive and inspire chapters to flourish.


Why do you need a chapter development plan? How can having one help your association and it’s chapters? These are the 8 areas to focus on when developing your own chapter development plan. Download our 2017 Chapter Development Plan Template here.

  1. Set Your Intent: What do you want to get out of this? What are your current goals? What is leadership asking for from you?
  2.  Executive Summary: Create a concise statement about the overall health of your chapters.
  3. Chapter Development Goals: List 3-5 goals you’d like to accomplish in the next year. Create actionable sub-tasks and determine who this will be assigned to.
  4. General Support: What general support do you provide to your chapters? List out all tasks/services and tool that National provides.
  5. Issues of Concern: What drives you nuts about your chapters? What should they be doing, but aren’t?
  6. Do Your Research: Conduct some research, get some stats. Find 3 to begin the process.
  7. Analysis of Chapters: List out all of your chapters. Provide at least one strength, weakness and opportunity/recommendation per chapter.
  8. Review Goals: Now that you have a good idea on your chapters’ strengths and weaknesses, use that to revise and update your goals.

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