Local Components & Successful Associations


Presenter: Kyle Bazzy, Director of Growth, Billhighway

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What Is Discussed In This Webinar?

How do you get your entire association on the same page? Overcome obstacles? Utilize the franchise model? Kyle will take you step-by-step to show how to make local components work for you. In this deck, we discuss how technology and component / chapter restructuring might be a plausible solution for you if your association is facing a challenge with governance or process (or both). View Slides >>

Local Components & Successful Associations


Why are you here? Local autonomy creates marketing nightmares with inconsistent messaging. I have no visibility into our member data? Poor communication with local components = lost revenue. Volunteers are impossible to work with at local level. No one will take a risk to try something new.


Keys to Success

  • Cadence of communication
  • Incentives
  • Momentum
  • Technology partners
  • White Knights (people)



Challenges are typically rooted in the structure of the organization:

  1. Chapter Responsibility: Too much responsibility is placed on the chapters and volunteers
  2. Limited Effectiveness: Chapters reporting limited effectiveness in delivering professional development, member engagement or member retention
  3. Uniqueness Between Chapters: Uniqueness between chapters and finding methods, policies and bylaws that work for all chapters
  4. Each Chapter is Different: Each chapter has different volunteer roles and business models

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