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The Chapter Playbook: Part 1 –Finances, Dues & Governance


Presenter: Kyle Bazzy, Director of Growth, Billhighway

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What Is Discussed In This Webinar?

In this presentation, we cover how to build your own chapter playbook that you can provide to your chapters in regards to finance, dues and governance. Guide your chapters and build guidelines to help them flourish and grow. View Slides >>

The Chapter Playbook: Part 1 –Finances, Dues & Governance


In part 1 of the mini-series, we’ll be covering what information you should consider including in your Chapter Playbook in regards to finances, dues and governance. We’ll also share key questions to ask yourself to ensure you’re providing the most valuable, through information and guidance to your chapters.


Key Questions

  • Does each chapter have to set up their own local bank account or has your association adopted a consolidated banking model?
  • Do chapters receive insurance from National or do they need to obtain it on their own?
  • Do chapters collect dues or does National collect the dues?
  • What is your nomination process for chapter elections?
  • Are your officer roles and responsibilities defined? Shared?


Best Practices

  1. Outline checking account process: Each chapter needs banking capabilities to manage their funds and operate effectively. Outline this process for chapters to walk through. This will mitigate risk and liability for National.
  2. Help chapters set up their bank account: Provide use cases for bank account set up. The information and questions should be separated by local and leveraging consolidated banking.
  3. Provide insurance best practices: Do they receive insurance from National? Do they need to obtain it independently?
  4. Determine the chapter dues structure: Do chapters collect dues? Does National? What is the process for chapters to follow?
  5. Create a nomination process: Determine a process for nominating chapter members for yearly elections.
  6. Outline officer roles and responsibilities: What are the individual roles and responsibilities within your chapter/organization? Is it visible?

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