10 Foolproof Ways to Help Support Chapters

Not all organizations are the same, but what are the best ways to provide support to all chapters? We’ll break them down and provide you with next steps to apply these takeaways to your chapters.
10 Foolproof Ways to Help Support Chapters at Your Association
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#1 Define reality

What is your current situation? Are you looking to make a change? Are you in the process?

  • List out who, what, where, when, why, and how would be involved in this process
  • Search and identify red flags

#2 Know what matters

Define what truly matters to your organization.

  • Define your goals and what success looks like
  • Identify, track, and measure your goals
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#3 Start Small

Start with the information you have access to.

  • Define 2-3 KPIs to pilot and test
  • Focus on the top 10% and the bottom 10%

#4 Tell a Story

Use data to tell a story. There’s nothing more powerful than being able to prove something.

  • Collect and use data to evaluate decisions
  • Interpret the data and share with your organization

#5 Learn From Other CRPs

Have you talked to your fellow Component Relations Professionals? They might have answers.

  • Utilize outside chapter-based resources
  • Attend conferences and convention to network
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#6 Ask For Feedback

When is the last time you surveyed your members or your volunteers/chapter leaders?

  • Create a working or advisory group
  • Share takeaways & results internally and externally
Tip #7: Change the conversation

#7 Support Volunteers

Invest in the right chapter support. Make volunteers’ time and experience valuable and useful.

  • Offer training and professional development
  • Make tools & templates simple, easy-to-use, accessible and adaptable
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#8 Set a Cadence

Set a regular cadence for everything — it all needs to be reviewed on a regular basis.

  • Track & review KPIs and membership recruitment, retention and engagement
Data Sharing

#9 Set Expectations

How can you hold your chapters accountable if you don’t set clear expectations?

  • Evaluate your bylaws — when were they updated?
  • Create a guide or rule book for volunteers
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#10 Beware of Pitfalls

Just remember, membership is complicated work.

  • Pick 1-2 performance indicators to reflect your strategic objectives
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