20 Creative Event Promotion Ideas to Increase Attendance

Are you looking to increase event attendance at your next event? Selling every last ticket is both a goal and a top stressor for event organizers. Here are 20 creative event promotion ideas to help send your ticket sales skyrocketing and increase attendance at your next event.
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Guest Author: Rachel Grate, Eventbrite

Selling every last ticket is both a goal and a top stressor for event organizers. If you’ve already tried every promotional tactic in your playbook, it’s time to get clever. Here are some creative event promotion ideas to help send your ticket sales skyrocketing.

1. Take advantage of event discovery sites

Eventbrite research shows that over half of urban event-goers look to neighborhood guides for things to do. Reach them by promoting your event on the panorama of online guides and apps that exist today.

Discovery sites like Goldstar, Bandsintown, Eventful, Spotify, and Facebook Events attract people with specific types of events in mind. (Hint: Placement is much easier if you’re using an event ticketing platform like Eventbrite that partners with the best discovery sites.)

2. Enable native checkout

Once your event is on event discovery sites, make it easy for people to buy tickets without leaving the page. The ability to buy tickets wherever event-goers are streamlines the customer experience. This, in turn, eliminates the risk of ticket-buyers getting distracted during checkout or bouncing because of slow site load. In fact, events that sell tickets directly on Facebook drive 2X more sales and free registrations on average than events that redirect to a ticketing page.

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