Accreditation Program: Helping Chapters Succeed in their Roles

We share an example of the increasing chapter autonomy in educational programs, offering chapter-developed programs that focus on local content.
Accreditation Program: Helping Chapters Succeed in their Roles

Accreditation Program: Helping Chapters Succeed in their Roles

To assure a shared vision around delivering a set of Core Member Benefits through their component network, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) crafted affiliation requirements in an accreditation program. All members have a right to expect these “basic deliverables” from the AIA component network.

  • Member communications
  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Public outreach
  • Governance
  • Membership
  • Finance and operations


Accreditation Requirements

If you tell chapters you value member engagement, then you must measure engagement and provide training on how to increase engagement. AIA holds its components accountable by asking them to provide documentation showing that they meet these accreditation requirements, which are designed to measure what’s important to the member experience and to ensure chapter viability. AIA also provides the support and training that components need to successfully deliver these core services.


AIA’s Core Member Services

Success is a shared vision. This approach to Core Member Services has helped AIA and its components get on the same page. The components no longer ask “why” they need to do this. Now they ask “how?” That’s a huge shift.

Chapter Benchmarking Report: What the Data, Success Stories & Opinions Tell Us

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Mariner Management, in collaboration with Billhighway, launched this second edition of the Chapter Benchmarking Report. The report was designed to gather industry data that helps associations benchmark their chapter programs against others. We also wanted to fuel the dialogue on what makes an effective chapter—and an effective chapter/association relationship.

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