Are You Haunted by Volunteer Turnover & Burnout?

If volunteer turnover, burnout or challenges are part of your association’s daily life, we’re hear to tell you, there is a better way! Walk through the common causes of volunteer challenges along with tactics and strategies to help counteract and get ahead of them in the future. View Slides >>

Why are you here? Volunteers can be your greatest asset or your greatest downfall. You need a way to combat volunteer turnover. Responsibilities for chapter volunteers need to be simplified.

The Challenge

  • There’s a lack of staff. Volunteers are a must.
  • Good volunteers are hard to find
  • Demographics – the job market is changing
  • Mediocrity = bad volunteers. No performance standards in place.
  • Lack of innovation. Inability to try new things or reinvent the process.


How do you prevent volunteer burnout?

  • Survey your volunteers: What are their pains? Have you met face-to-face?
  • Align strategy: align chapter to National strategic plan objectives. Get on the same page.
  • Where should you spent your time: 77% templates, 37% database,  35% recruitment.
  • Leadership/volunteer tools: provide leadership and volunteers with tools to increase efficiency and decrease stress.
  • Support system: Create a consistent communication between volunteers.
  • Automate: Invest in an AMS software to automate processes.
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