Auto-Renewals & Monthly Installments Could be a Game Changer

Auto-renewals and monthly installments could revolutionize the way members renew with your association. Discover the benefits and potential pitfalls.

In part 2 of the membership series, we’ll discuss the benefits, the pitfalls and how to get started and/or optimize your current auto-renewal and monthly installment processes. View Slides >>


Is it out of their pocket? Is it professional development paid by their employer? Other? If you’re looking for a new question to add to your member surveys, ask questions that get to the root of who pays for the membership and why?



  • Convenience: National can focus time on bigger initiatives than renewal. Chapters don’t have to send renewal reminders. Members set the auto-renewal and forget it.
  • Automation: Members are a part of the renewal process unless they cancel -perpetual membership. There’s less legwork for staff. Members don’t have to mail in a check or pay online.
  • Predictable revenue stream: National benefits from shared information in real-time. There’s more support for volunteers/staff. It’s more affordable for members -it’s a set fee they count on paying like house utilities.
  • Remove decision points: Provides a great opportunity for National to share throughout the year the value members receive. Staff spend less time sending renewal notices. Member don’t have to worry about remembering to pay.
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