Billhighway University

We are a learning organization that challenges our team members to reach new heights and strive for personal growth. We support that effort through a variety of training opportunities. That’s where Billhighway University comes in. Whether you’re looking to enhance your core skills, leadership abilities or professional development, you will find something new to support you on your journey.

Levels of Billhighway University

Core Skills: This includes training for our team in each area of the business. We ask all team members to complete their core skills classes in the first two years.

Advanced: Take your knowledge a step further with one of our advanced classes on topics such as payments, finance or marketing.

Professional Development: We all need a break. Take time during your work day to brush up on your active listening, learn how to protect yourself from credit card fraud, or delve into one of the many other topics in our professional development series.

Certification Programs

Training Certification: Do you enjoy training people? Get certified with this program in order to join our dedicated team in providing training to our clients.

Product Certification: Deepen your product knowledge and become a resource we can rely on with one of our product certifications.

Leadership Development

Learn how to take smart risks and make the tough decisions without fear of failure. If you see leadership as part of your career, our year long Leadership Development Program integrates learning with projects, coaching and applicable experience.

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Are you looking to enhance your core skills, leadership abilities or professional development? Contact us to learn more about how you can join our team and benefit from our Billhighway University.