Career Success Programs

At Billhighway, “Satisfaction: Never” applies to more than just our commitment to customer care. We encourage continual growth and empowerment in our team members. Go beyond job descriptions. Maximize your opportunities. How? By participating in one of our Career Success Programs. Learn more about our culture in this video.

Billhighway University

We are a learning organization that challenges our team members to reach new heights and strive for personal growth. We support that effort through a variety of training opportunities. That’s where Billhighway University comes in. Whether you’re looking to enhance your core skills, leadership abilities or professional development, you will find something new to support you on your journey.

Mentor Program

Our Mentor Program is aimed at providing the resources you need to set you up for success through a focused plan that supports your personal and professional growth and development.

New Experience 

As a new team member, you will be paired with a New Experience Mentor to help you learn the ropes. You’ll find yourself acclimated to our culture faster than you can say “free lunch!”

Career Driver 

Our Career Driver Program is a voluntary program where you are matched with a Career Mentor who can help you focus on short- and long-term professional goals.

Career Development Program

There are many ways to advance your career. You might want to be a technical expert. You might see leadership in your future. Whatever it is, Billhighway’s Career Development Program is an engaging and interactive program designed to increase those skills specific to your goals.

Client Care Strides

It takes a special person to be on the front lines of our business, talking to our clients each and every day. If you see a career for yourself on our Client Care team, we have a couple programs geared specifically for you.

The Strides Program allows eligible team members to receive master status for up to two skill sets every 6 months. Oh, and did we mention that this will result in a pay increase?

If you’re looking for balanced cross-training experience, look no further than the unique CC365 Career Development Program. This program allows Client Care team members the opportunity to work for four days each week on their own team and be partnered for the fifth day with a cross-functional team they are interested in and want to explore as a potential next step in their career.

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