Chapter Performance & Benchmarking Unwrapped: Creating a Compelling Chapter Story

Whether you attended all three days or couldn’t make it, we hope you’ll enjoy our findings from the Chapter Performance and Benchmarking Unwrapped workshop. And with so much great content, we know you’d like a copy of the slide decks, recordings, chat logs, and resources.


  1. How to build and create a compelling story about the value of your chapters
  2. How to find bright spots, tell stories, and what tech to use
About the author

Sarah has a soft-spot for component relations professionals (CRPs), creating amazing experiences, and having a good laugh. She focuses her time at Billhighway on building and delivering chapter-focused resources, creating unique experiences for CRPs through webinars, events and the one-of-a-kind Component Exchange (CEX). Sarah is passionate about exploring new ideas and trying new things. What we really want to say is Sarah is a component bad@$$ who is sure to put a smile on your face.