Chapter Performance Metrics: Self-Assessments & Recognition Programs

Only 29% use a formal assessment tool to track chapter performance. For associations who are tracking performance, what metrics are they seeing?
Chapter Performance Metrics: Self-Assessments & Recognition Programs

Chapter Performance Metrics: Self-Assessments & Recognition Programs

Performance Metrics

When we asked how associations assess chapter performance, respondents mentioned a number of metrics, including:

  • Member retention (71%)
  • Recruitment (64%)
  • Engagement/participation (55%)

Notice how the use of more meaningful assessment metrics has increased since the 2016 Report. The metrics reported in the “Other” category include:

  • First-year member renewal
  • Voting in officer elections
  • PAC contributions
  • Meeting a 35% gross margin

Chapter Performance Assessment

Chapter Assessment Tool

Only 29% said they have a formal assessment tool to track chapter performance, for example:

  • Dashboards
  • Chapter health assessment tool
  • Self-assessment tool that chapters use as a roadmap
Chapter Contributions Tracked

For the associations who are tracking chapter performance, they’re primarily capturing two metrics:

  • Member retention
  • Acquisition rates by chapter
64% tracked member retention rates per chapter.
55% tracked member recruitment rates per chapter.
25% did not track chapter contributions.
22% tracked product sales or event registrations per chapter.
7% tracked other contributions.

Rewarding High-Performing Chapters

Most associations provide awards to chapters, many based on performance metrics. Why give all the prizes to A+ chapters? Save some of the spotlight for chapters who were once failing but are now improving. Here are some examples from the Billhighway blog.


Recognition Programs

Examples of recognition programs mentioned by survey respondents include:

  1. Annual conference recognition
  2. Annual chapter awards and certificates
  3. Annual “Membership Cup” to the chapter with the most new members and to the chapter with the largest percentage growth
  4. A call-out of the best performers in the monthly report sent to all chapters
  5. Digital badges


Financial Rewards/Services

44% of the associations in the survey provide financial rewards or additional services to high-performers. Examples of these include:

  • Annual recruitment incentive program
  • Free memberships
  • Free conference registrations
  • Cash awards and rebates
  • Speaker travel fees
  • Education grants
  • Funding for advocacy support
  • Funding to implement new initiatives
  • Discounts on registrations/branded items
  • Complimentary webinar for the following year
Chapter Benchmarking Report: What the Data, Success Stories & Opinions Tell Us

Download The Report

Mariner Management, in collaboration with Billhighway, launched this second edition of the Chapter Benchmarking Report. The report was designed to gather industry data that helps associations benchmark their chapter programs against others. We also wanted to fuel the dialogue on what makes an effective chapter—and an effective chapter/association relationship.

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