Chapter Events: Making the In-Person/Hybrid/Virtual Decision


Mar 24 2021


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm



Chapter Events: Deciding on In-Person, Hybrid, or Virtual

What’s the outlook for in-person chapter events in 2021 and how do we help chapter leaders decide whether to host an in-person, hybrid, or virtual event?

For nearly a year, CRPs and chapter leaders have focused on virtual. As the vaccine rolls out across the country, the focus is shifting to when chapters can resume in-person meetings (and indeed some already have). But should chapters plan on in-person meetings this year? Can they provide a safe experience? Will members be ready? What about hybrid—the word on everyone’s mind? Is that a viable possibility?

Like you, we had more questions than answers so we tapped one of the brightest minds we know on association and chapter events. Join us as we provide expert advice on how to help chapters make the right event decisions.

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