Virtual Chapters & Online Communities: Should We or Shouldn’t We


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Chicago Workshop
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Apr 25 2019


8:00 am - 1:00 pm



[Chicago Workshop] Virtual Chapters & Online Communities: Should We or Shouldn’t We

Got Chapters? Are you considering adding virtual chapters or online communities to provide additional member value? Do you have a virtual chapter that’s not quite successful or one you think could be stronger? We’ll come together to discuss elements your association should take into consideration when exploring or offering virtual components/communities. This includes volunteer roles and management, technology, membership models, financial backing and ultimately…is going virtual really the answer?


We’ll dive into…

  • what has been tried
  • what has worked (and what hasn’t)
  • what to consider when evaluating whether virtual components are the right option for your association
  • what is the difference between a virtual chapter and an online community? Is there actually a difference that’s relevant?

In this workshop, you’ll spend time collaborating and brainstorming with your peers so you can leave with fresh ideas and action items you can share or implement once you’re back at the office. So come join us to answer this 21st-century question…should we, or shouldn’t we meet virtually.