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Aug 20 2018


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Component Hackathon: Retrofit for the 21st Century

Let’s retrofit your association components for the 21st century! Join us for a Component Hackathon led by a group of association pros who have been experimenting with technology and new models to create success with their chapters and other components. Not brainstorming, we’re jump-starting change to supporting, training, and structuring components.

With guidance from association pros who will share a game-changing story, work in groups to “hacking” away at old processes and ways of handling chapters and other components. Topics – to be chosen by participants – will focus on issues like leadership training and development, applying tech tools and software to support and optimize components and designing the future chapter.

  • Construct actionable ideas to improve support and training.
  • Sketch out new forms and structures for shifting today’s chapter/component format.
  • Learn innovative practices for chapter/component relations.
  • Form a network of support as you leave with ideas and solutions.