Do You Understand Your Technology’s Many Moving Parts?

2017 was marked as another 'worst year ever' in personal data breaches and cyber incidents. Learn why chapter technology maintenance is a must.
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Guest Author: Ernie Smith, Associations Now

2017 was marked as another ‘worst year ever’ in personal data breaches and cyber incidents around the world. With security concerns and technology complexity, it’s important to understand the technology you’re utilizing. Learn why technology maintenance is a must for 2018.

In an era of rising security concerns and increasing technological complexity, it’s important to take a step back and appreciate the fact that some of the most important parts of information technology come down to completely boring things like maintenance. Just because they’re boring doesn’t mean they’re unimportant.

We live in a world where new ideas get way more attention than old ones do.

It’s just a fact of life, and it has the effect of burying the stuff that really matters. Startups don’t show up on the front page of Product Hunt for slightly smoothing over or properly maintaining an existing process. The work of the developers and engineers we celebrate is often in the realm of the experimental or the inventive.

And yes, there is more room for innovation. There is lots more room for it, in fact. But it can’t come at the cost of basic maintenance of the things that simply must be there.

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