Four Ways to Improve Remote Panel Discussions

Panel discussions, that old standby of in-person events, are actually well suited for the virtual meetings format. Here’s how to make your remote panels great.
Remote Zoom panel

Guest Post: Ernie Smith, Associations Now


There’s no stage. There’s no in-person audience. People aren’t even in the same room anymore. It seems like the pandemic would be bad news for panel discussions in the era of the virtual event, right?

But Kristin Arnold, the founder of Powerful Panels, has a positive take on their future.

“I think panels are increasing,” she says. “In the virtual space, they’re increasing more and more because the medium lends itself better to panels.” The change in format may actually be a virtue, she says, as it forces a more creative approach.

Here are some ways to bring the promise of remote panel discussions to life.

  • Don’t be afraid to prerecord
  • Play with the format
  • Work with your AV team
  • Match the format to the audience and content

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