Get Ready to Re-Engage Your Chapters Post-COVID

As COVID restrictions begin to lift and calendars fill up, engage your chapters with resources, automation, and support to prevent leader burnout. Here are three ideas to get started.
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Guest Post: Sarah Garrity and Charlotte Muylaert, The Center for Association Leadership


Across most of the country, states are reopening, and calendars are starting to fill up. Your chapters and their leaders are trying to make time for normal chapter events amid all of the rescheduled life and social events of 2020. You’ll probably find that some of your members are ready to jump back in, while others may be feeling overwhelmed and burnt out.

Aside from any anxiety they might be feeling, there is a silver lining to the challenges of reopening: It’s an opportunity for you to re-engage your chapters and navigate the uncertainty together. Here are three areas to refocus your engagement of chapter leaders to free up their valuable time and reduce the burden of taking on a leadership position.

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