Good Reads You Might Have Missed: Member Renewals

Getting members to renew is challenging every year—but this year in particular, associations need effective strategies for member retention. These articles have smart advice from association pros.
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Guest Post: Ernie Smith, Associations Now


Membership renewal is a perennial topic in the association space, but recently the conversation has felt more urgent because of the pandemic.

This time last year, for example, some associations were considering waiving dues for new members. And while those short-term policies may have ended by now, the retention challenge always remains.

Fortunately, the association world includes a lot of smart membership strategists. Read on for a few highlights from the Associations Now and ASAE archives highlighting the latest knowledge in member renewals.

These include:

  • ‌How to Craft Member Renewal Messaging Amid COVID-19 Crisis.
  • ‌Get More Renewals With a UX Mindset.
  • First-Year Renewal Issues? Tweak Your Onboarding Strategy.
  • And more.

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