How to Combat Loss of Payroll & RTW Legislation With Technology

For very many association members, ”engagement” will include experiences at the local level and at the national level, through the national association. Identify reasons why finding a chapter and engagement model that allows for national and local collaboration is key to member experience.



Whether you’re looking for a member dues solution because…

  1. you’ve lost payroll deduction OR
  2. you want to get out from under the looming cloud before legislation hits your state OR
  3. you need an easier way to move funds and member data across National, State and Local affiliates there is good news. You can take control and focus on growing the labor with the power of technology.



Labor organizations such as the American Federation of Teachers and the Michigan Education Association have chosen to work with Billhighway. When it comes to having a proven track record and an automated member payment solution that’s fast, accurate, and configured for the way your union operates, we can help. See how we did it for the MEA >>




With our technology you can be sure you are:

  • Collecting all dues revenue from all levels of your labor organization, whether it’s by check, credit card or bank transaction. As for frequency, maybe you collect monthly, weekly, bi-weekly…you name it.
  • Allowing your teams to focus on important tasks such as member recruitment and engagement, not chasing down members who haven’t paid.
  • Providing affiliate administrators the proper tools to do their job and excel



Get the full game plan >>

Our payment solution is as seamless as payroll deductions, and configurable like never before. Doesn’t that make everyone a winner?

About the author

Kyle Bazzy is the former Growth Director at Billhighway. He is currently the Director and Co-Founder of Venture Catalysts, a ecosystem development group focusing on programming, funding, strategy and business for entrepreneurs.