How to Develop Virtual Networking Opportunities

Associations are working to convert in-person events to virtual and finding networking opportunities. Can effective networking happen virtually?
How to Develop Virtual Networking Opportunities

Guest Author: Samantha Whitehorne, Associations Now

Since lots of people attend conferences for the opportunity to network with fellow attendees and speakers, many meeting pros are concerned about making that possible in a virtual environment. A look at some ways it can be done.

As associations work to convert their conferences from in-person to virtual, many are concerned about the attendee experience and what elements may be lost in an online environment. At the top of that list for many is a staple of face-to-face events: networking opportunities. So the big question is, can effective networking happen virtually?

A recent conversation in ASAE’s Collaborate community [member login required] had association meeting pros weighing the topic.

Suggestions from conversation participants included everything from deploying meeting tools you already have—like your conference app—to trying out new virtual tools that may help re-create some in-person networking.

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