How to Rethink Your Content For Virtual Engagement

Rather than cut and paste your content into a virtual format, rethink how to translate it for virtual engagement. Here's 4 things to consider.
How to Rethink Your Content For Virtual Engagement

Guest Post: Matchbox Virtual Media

How often have you signed into a webinar with every intention of paying attention, got distracted and moved over to your email, and then never returned again?

Now let’s think about an in-person conference for a second. If you are already mingling with a coffee in your hand at 7AM, and falling into bed exhausted at 11PM, then you’re making the most of your experience. But you can see why you would be hard pressed to do the same thing in an online event!

As many associations are beginning to take their events online, here’s my biggest advice: rather than a cut/paste transmission of your content into the virtual, think about ways you might translate it.

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